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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number trailer revealed

hotline miami 2 wrong number trailer

We all loved Devolver Games psychological massacre Hotline Miami, and fans everywhere have been dying for more ever since it’s release. Yesterday this teaser trailer was dropped on youtube for the sequel, and final installment called “Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number”. A lot of people were wondering how it is even possible to make a sequel to the first Hotline Miami but  truth be told, fans everywhere are very excited for this. The first game introduced us to a fast paced action maelstrom of pixelated violence and nostalgic challenge. This of course, was refreshing and something we had not seen in sometime. Aside from being a game that is so addicting in its challenge, Hotline Miami’s theme takes us into a deeper level. Questions are asked of the nameless main character about the enjoyment of hurting others and owning up to this responsibility. No one ever really thinks of the actions one takes when playing a game like this, so it was interesting to see that level of depth. This ultimately brought HLM into the indie hall of fame. The second HLM begs to be bigger than the first and i think the masterminds at work behind this one will not disappoint.

This excerpt from the youtube channel goes over a little bit about the story line of Hotline Miami 2 and what gamers can expect from the final installment.

“A brutal conclusion to the gruesome saga, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number follows the escalating level of violence through multiple factions born from the events of the original game and driven by uncertain motivations. Step into the murderous mind of several distinct characters – each with their own motivations and methods of execution — as story lines intersect and reality slips away into a haze of neon and carnage. Blistering combat, an unmistakable visual style, and a powerfully intense soundtrack will once again push you to the limit and questioning your own thirst for blood. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux in 2013. Maybe.”

You can read more about the release of Hotline Miami 2 at these other gaming sites:

Xbox360 Dead Space 3: Co-op Mayhem


The highly anticipated action horror shooter for Xbox360 Dead Space 3, has finally arrived. The final conclusion to Isaac Clarke’s battle against the necromorph invasion has some pretty impressive aspects and a few weak points. Though Dead Space 3 has many things that make it slightly different from the past two games, the two features that set it apart the most are the co-op story mode and the custom weapon system. The cooperative gameplay of DS3 actually works really well, and mutilating necromorphs with a friend is a ton more fun than the death match mode of Dead Space 2 (which pretty much sucked). In this final conclusion to the horror masterpiece, Issac and Carver team up to uncover the mystery of the marker and it’s place in the universe. See more about dead space 3 co op in the video below:

Hotline Miami Review: Indie Games


I may be a bit late on this one, but i recently picked up this great title on the recent STEAM sale and couldn’t put my controller down. This game in particular stands alone among many other newly released indie games. Not only hailed for its fast paced and addictive game play but for its thought-provoking idea behind the game. If you haven’t heard enough about it already, Hotline Miami is making waves in the indie gaming community. Created by Devolver Games, this top down pixelated action shooter makes quite a statement about violence in video games today and with everything that has been going on in our media lately, this is an important game to think about.

Hotline Miami Review:

It’s nostalgic graphic style, pixelated blood splatter, and trippy 80’s dance club score, create an experience unlike anything we have seen in recent years. Imagine if you could, the bastard child of Splatterhouse and Drive, with the music of John Carpenter, on a shitload of cocaine in a Miami dance club…..and that’s Hotline Miami. The look and feel are only complimented by its high-octane action and flawless game play, forcing you to eliminate every enemy on the map, using a combination of stealth and quick reactionary tactics. In all honesty, it has NEVER been this fun to be a serial killer. In my opinion it beats the shit out of GTA in the violence, challenge, and overall fun category. And when I say this game is VIOLENT, I mean it. You must tactfully use whatever means possible to dispose of your enemies, whether it’s a machete to the face, eye gauging, or even curb stomping, this game get medieval on your ass. You have a large arsenal of melee or ranged weapons to choose from and scoring better on each stage can unlock more masks or weapons. Each stage has you enter into a different building where your only mission is to kill every enemy on the screen without dying first. This sounds a lot simpler then it is. Game play can be extremely challenging, as enemy AI is quick and one hit will result in your demise, only to restart the stage dozens of times, praying for that perfect run. Though this may seem repetitive, but HLM has a way of sucking you in. Each death results in you learning something about your enemies and allows you to craft a strategy for your next run through the gauntlet. This brings me back to the old NES days of grinding through a game merely for the satisfaction of overcoming something extremely challenging. This idea couldn’t be more true then with Hotline Miami.


Plot: (spoilers)

The game opens with you as a nameless character alone in your apartment confused and unaware of what to do, you hear the ringing of your telephone. A mysterious voice answers on the other end, feeding you subtle directions to your next task, which is generally inferred as a metaphor for killing everyone there. You are given different masks to choose from for each stage and each one either grants you an advantage or a handicap. Your character regularly experiences hallucinations, and you are met by three mysterious masked strangers who often question your motivations, identity, and actions. This makes for an interesting narrative, as you start to feel as though these characters are questioning YOUR motivations for blindly killing without question. As the story develops stranger things begin to happen. Your character beings to see violent imagery in his trips to different shops, you save a drug addicted prostitute, and even wind up in hospital with little knowledge of how you got there. After killing hundreds of white suited mobsters, the plot only gets more convoluted and your lead further down the proverbial rabbit hole.



Hotline Miami might be one of the most fun games i have ever played. It has action, great graphics, and an incredible soundtrack. If the challenging stages, fun weapons, and thumping dance beats don’t keep you coming back for more, i don’t know what will. This game has so much to offer, and frankly as soon as i started playing i was addicted. But what does that say about me? Am i addicted to violence? Are we as a society addicted? So much media in our popular culture has shed light on these questions (The Running Man, any News station, Natural Born Killers), and shows us a reflection of our reality. I don’t believe that violence in video games or movies necessarily creates violent people. I think the need for fantastical escape is pretty normal, its a playground for stable minded people. It’s those who can’t grasp reality, and perform these heinous acts of violence that cause the government and media to point fingers at the gaming industry. When in actuality it is by the hands of the individuals themselves and their free will that cause these atrocities. Maybe if we didn’t live in such a violent reality with for some, extreme societal pressures, then some people wouldn’t behave so violently. Hotline Miami, like the films above, is a contemporary satire about media violence, and any video game that can make a cerebral statement that strongly will forever make it’s mark on video game history.

Mega man X Street Fighter Released FREE!

To celebrate the 25th anniversaries of Mega Man and Street Fighter, Capcom has released a brand new mash up – Mega Man X Street Fighter. SFXMM takes the 8 bit side scrolling fun we all know and love of Mega man and pits him against a series of Street Fighter bosses! This project was fan-made and was released Dec 17th 2012 for Free! Yes, you get do download this game for the PC for free! Being a huge fan of the NES Mega Man games and Street Fighter, for me this is nothing but awesome!


The game play of SFXMM offers moderately challenging stages, (which is strange because most MM games are extremely difficult), your standard array of weapons, a ton of different enemies, and a classic list of boss fights, consisting of many different Street Fighter Characters like Ryu, Vega, Blanka, and Chung LI. Stylistically, the game captures mega man exactly the way he should be. With 8-bit graphics and great level design, were brought back to the childhood days of playing NES in our parents basements for hours on end, getting lost and frustrated, but – determined in kicking this games ass. The music is fantastic as well and features street fighter theme songs redone chip tune style. In the past, whenever Capcom strayed from this formula with many of its later MM games, fans were not pleased and were often outraged about the style changes. Lucky for us, SFXMM keeps things in the classical mega man fashion. The game is really enjoyable to play, with a moderate challenge level, great tunes, and terribly challenging bosses (watch out for Chung Li’s special kick attack!)

At the end of the day SFXMM is more of an homage and celebration of the classic Mega Man franchise then an actual Mega Man game. I think the marriage of both franchises is really awesome and hopefully will pave the way for other fan created mash ups or even just fan created projects using old characters we all know and love! You can download it here!

Lone Survivor: Indie Game Review

For so long I have waited for an 8-bit survival horror game that takes you on a mind-bendingly frightening experience comparable to that of Silent Hill or Clock Tower. This year, our masochistic prayers were answered with Jasper ByrnesLone Survivor. Lone Survivor is a 2-D side-scroller created by Superflat games solo developer Jasper Byrne. The game was released on digital platform STEAM on April 23rd 2012, and will be making its way soon to the PS3 store and the VITA. Lone Survivor follows a nameless character who is struggling for survival in his apartment building where terrifying zombie-like monsters walk the halls and nothing is really what it seems.


A disease has spread throughout the city causing many of its inhabitants to turn into horrific monstrosities. Starving and alone, you are left with only a flash light, a few simple tools, and your thoughts (which only confuse the player more) to get you through. Throughout the game your character battles with starvation and lack of rest which boil over into hallucinations (or are they?). These add a psychological level to the game that keep you questioning what is real and what is not. For instance, your character comes across other people in the game and in speaking with them learns hints about what is going on in the story, only to wake up from these hallucinations in horror; confused and forced to carry on. Keep in mind that resources in the game are limited so use them only when you have to (ammo is very scarce). Constantly feeding your character can be a tad tedious and annoying at times, but this keeps you on your toes and playing. You tend to feel sorry for the lone survivor and want nothing more than to help him escape this maddening hell.

Control and Feel:

The map system in the game is a little weird at first because the game is a 2-D side scroller and the map is laid out on a flat surface. This takes a little getting used to but is quite simple once you get deep into the game. The controls are simple as well, you use the directional buttons to move your character and X,C,P,M , F, R & space for basically all other necessary actions. The game utilizes a jarring, piercing, yet minimal soundtrack only comparable to that used in Stanley Kubricks “The Shining“, where well placed sound effects induce auditory chaos and anxiety in the viewer. The music in this game creates an eerie and solitary atmosphere to compliment its dark and dilapidated apartment hall ways. Their’s also a healthy helping of blood sprayed walls and gross veiney skin creatures that add to the overall feel.

Overall Lone Survivor is an 8 bit twist on the survival genre with excellent writing, a unique and nostalgic art style, and enough tension to make a divorce lawyer sweat. If you’re looking for a good scare with a great story and have a love for the old school, then you’ll love Lone Survivor.

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Indie Game: The Movie. Now on Netflix!


If your as much of a Netflix fanatic as i am, then you’ll be pleased to hear that they just put up “Indie Game: The movie” for instant stream. Indie Game: The Movie takes you on a journey into the minds of the creators of BraidSuper Meat Boy, and Fez. These developers have put their blood, sweat, and countless hours of mind numbing programming into these spectacular releases. The documentary shows us the pressure independent developers are under to create and test their games for their big commercial release (many of which have been in development for many years). These games bring us back to the challenges we loved about old school platform gaming but with a new, deeper, much more intellectual spin. The long hours and hard work have clearly paid off as all three of these games won countless awards and raked in thousands upon thousands of fans.

Check out the trailer here:

Indie Game: The Movie

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New Dead Space Motion Graphic Novel

The Dead Space official website has released a graphic novel short of a potential new character in the Dead Space universe. This may give us some hints into potential story lines and characters of the highly anticipated Dead Space 3.

Check out the short here!