NY Comic Con 2012 Photo Gallery

We here at the DK lounge were amped up for this years NY Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center. News that Grant Morrison, Jeff Lemire, Scott Snyder, Brian K Vaughan would be attending was a huge draw for us and many other fans. Comic Con is a purely visceral experience, thousands of people from all over the tri state area and further gather to take part in the biggest comic convention in the world (only second to San Diego Comic Con). If your a fan of sci fi, comic books, cult movies, fantasy, super heroes, cos play, action figures, video games or even rare collectors items you will love this convention. Thousands of excited cosplayer’s walk the floor taking pictures for fans of their favorite movie/anime or comic book characters, while others run to the nearest panel, signing, art gallery, or comic booth to make long awaited purchases. For those of you that haven’t experienced the craziness, here’s a glimpse of what it’s like be inside New York Comic Con!

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HD photos courtesy of Eric Remly.

New: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Posters

Everyone is waiting patiently for the upcoming Christopher Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight rises. The third installment of this modern batman epic is looking to be pretty interesting and is hopefully just as psychologically stunning as the last two films. An all star cast (Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Anne Hathaway) and a dark, noir styled Gotham will hopefully satisfy fans of classic batman comic books as well as new comers to the character. These promotional posters were just released earlier in the week and look fantastic. Enjoy!









New Dead Space Motion Graphic Novel

The Dead Space official website has released a graphic novel short of a potential new character in the Dead Space universe. This may give us some hints into potential story lines and characters of the highly anticipated Dead Space 3.

Check out the short here!

Total Recall 2012 HD Trailer

total recall 2012 poster august release date summer colin ferell

We all loved the 1990 science fiction classic “Total Recall”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger but will the remake be as good?

Philip K Dicks science fiction novel has become a must read for fans of the genre and the movie that came out of it was excellent as well. The film story line follows Douglas Quaid, a man haunted by dreams of a trip to Mars, he investigates his dreams by taking a trip via “Rekall inc”, a company specializing in the implantation and construction of false of memories. Something goes horribly wrong in the process and he is thrown into another life where he is an secret agent, who’s only mission is to take down a tyrannical Martian dictator. The entire movie leaves you questioning reality and if all of Quaid’s exploits are just fantasy.

The new trailer looks promising, with Colin Ferrell playing the role of Quaid, this remake seems to update the classic with a contemporary style, featuring excellent CGI filled futuristic cities, great costume design, and a ton of action. These are exactly what we would hope to expect from a remake of Total Recall, so i am expecting this movie to be a win for sci fi fans!

Check out the 2012 HD trailer here!

Before Watchmen

This coming summer 2012: DC is publishing a seven part interconnected prequel to the popular WATCHMEN graphic novel, written by Alan Moore. This is an interesting idea considering the popularity and importance of the graphic novel, however i personally feel that Watchmen is not a story that needs any more then it already has. Alan Moore also has no part in any of the writing of these mini stories, so this could bring about a lot of controversy from fans. Brian Azzarello and Len Wein are two popular names on board for the project so it may be worth checking out, but waiting for reviews and hear say might be a better option for this one. Once the fans get a hold of this one, their may be a large backlash. Here are all seven images of the cover art for the books!