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Mondo: Best Posters of 2013

Mondo has always been at the forefront of cult movie artwork and this years screen print’s did not disappoint. In 2013 we have seen some incredible stuff from emerging artists and veterans alike – Kilian Eng, Kevin Tong, Randy Ortiz, Drew Struzan, and Jay Shaw to name a few. If you know anything about Mondo’s releases, you know they are extremely hard to get a hold of. Following them on Twitter is definitely the best way to get your hands on any of these great pieces. Randomly, they’ll tweet out that a poster will be on sale soon. Then, at an undisclosed time, they will tweet that the poster is available for purchase. At that point, everyone and their mother rushes to the website to order them as fast as possible. I have never actually been able to get my hands on one, but i will never stop trying!

Until then, here’s what i believe to the best posters Mondo has released in 2013.

Mondo: Best Posters of 2012

It has been another amazing year in the world of screen printed cult movie art work. One of the best sites out there is, they work with tons of artists across the globe and have created a collective dedicated to putting artistic spins on your favorite movie posters. They put together art galleries and also do a lot with the Alamo draft house which has many screenings for fans of 80’s horror and sci-fi cult flms. This is an extensive collection of all my favorite screen prints from this past 2012 year! enjoy!

New: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Posters

Everyone is waiting patiently for the upcoming Christopher Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight rises. The third installment of this modern batman epic is looking to be pretty interesting and is hopefully just as psychologically stunning as the last two films. An all star cast (Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Anne Hathaway) and a dark, noir styled Gotham will hopefully satisfy fans of classic batman comic books as well as new comers to the character. These promotional posters were just released earlier in the week and look fantastic. Enjoy!









2011: A year of great screen printing

2011 has been a big year for screen printing everywhere, and the guys at Mondo have been at the fore front of great quality artwork for years. Here’s a taste of some of my favorite screen printed movie posters that they’ve put out this past year!