Mondo: Best Posters of 2012

It has been another amazing year in the world of screen printed cult movie art work. One of the best sites out there is Mondotees.com, they work with tons of artists across the globe and have created a collective dedicated to putting artistic spins on your favorite movie posters. They put together art galleries and also do a lot with the Alamo draft house which has many screenings for fans of 80’s horror and sci-fi cult flms. This is an extensive collection of all my favorite screen prints from this past 2012 year! enjoy!

The Walking Dead Issue #100

the walking dead amc robert kirkman zomibes issue 100 tv show

All i can say is “Holy fucking shit!?”……The walking dead series has been ongoing for quite some time now and i can’t believe that it has come this far! Robert Kirkman continues to deliver some of the best emotional story telling in the modern comic book medium today. This epic tale of the zombie apocalypse has taken us through many hills and valleys and to hell and back again. I’ve only really had deep connections with a hand full of comic book characters (silver surfer/swamp thing/constantine to name a few) where i completely understood their perspective/outlook and feel the pain as they feel it. Its insane that the walking dead has triggered this emotional reaction and has frequently made waves inside the hearts of myself and readers around the world. Kirkman makes you fall in love with every character and when they pass you feel as though your losing a piece of yourself. But it doesn’t end there….You almost feel worse for the people who have to continue on without that character in their life. As people cling so deeply to one another in such dire times their loss would be devastating.

the walking dead twd amc rick grimes zombies comic con robert kirkman charlie adlard 100th issue twd100

I feel as though Kirkman is preparing us for the apocalypse, almost as if to force the reader to tap into the innate “survival of the fittest” part of the human psyche. In this grim world death is a way of life. Survival forces you to keep your distance from the ones you care about most, for it will only make you and the group weaker. We are all however, subject of the human condition. Kirkman is teaching us to let go of everything we thought about what it is to be human, and to become re-acquainted with the part of us that got us where we are today. It would seem things are getting harder and harder for the survivors and that their world is getting even more ugly than they would’ve imagined. All they can really do is try and adapt while retaining their humanity. Rick and his survivors are a drop in the bucket for hope and to return to the way life was. This is important because there is more to human beings then just survival (culture, arts, ideology, progress), and if we are to leave anything behind as a species for future generations or even outer worldly anthropologists to discover then it is important to show that human beings lived with compassion, and were not just bloody savages.

The last 4-5 issues of this series have really turned me back on to the walking dead story. Though i am sad to see one of my favorite survivors go (rip), i am now re-addicted to the franchise and cant wait to see what happens next! If you haven’t read the walking dead yet, i recommend picking up the compendiums online. You can get them for fairly cheap and you will not be disappointed. Issue to issue it will deliver everything from drama, philosophy, sex, violence, politics, great social commentary, and of course …. zombies! TWD has it all…end of story..

In celebration of the release of issue 100 of TWD here’s a look at some of the awesome covers for the issue.

New Dead Space Motion Graphic Novel

The Dead Space official website has released a graphic novel short of a potential new character in the Dead Space universe. This may give us some hints into potential story lines and characters of the highly anticipated Dead Space 3.

Check out the short here!

Dead Space 3 Rumors?!


Will Issac Clarkes nightmare ever end?

Many rumors have been circulating on the net recently of a potential sequal to the survival horror nightmare dead space 2. Apparently publishers working with EA have always kicked around the idea of a dead space 3 and making a trilogy but nothing official has ever been announced. A video does exist on the net showing a tester playing some kind of Dead Space game, and the video also features a dead space 3 banner. South African retailer BT GAMES also features a pre-order for dead space 3. Is this real or a mistake?


Fans would love to sink their claws into a final dead space horror story but when will we get the details? only time will tell and i for one cannot wait…until then check out the video and see for yourself!


Seeing as this past Thursday was Thanksgiving, i thought i would ring in some of the holiday cheer with a bit of blood and gore. This particular film has been sitting in my instant que for about a year, but only because of how ridiculous the movie sounds. The movie is called “Thankskilling” and is about a foul mouthed, homicidal turkey, who comes back from the dead every thanksgiving to murder “white people” for taking American soil from the Native Americans, and for slaughtering his kind. The movie follows 4-5 stereotypical college kids, who get caught up in the turkeys murderous rampage, while on their break from classes. His best weapon of choice is a musket styled shotgun, which is only funny because of its irony. Why wouldn’t a killer turkey use a shotgun as his weapon of choice?  This vengeful bird, sports a wily temper as well as some of the funniest one liners i’ve ever heard in a low budget film. Which by the way, only cost 3.5k to create. This movie is pretty bad in many ways, the jokes are terrible, the characters are cliche, the plot doesn’t really make sense, and the acting is atrocious. Does that mean that this is not an enjoyable movie? Not in the slightest! This movie actually holds it’s own as a holiday cult classic and i mean, how many horror movies are out there about thanksgiving? Theirs like a billion about Christmas and Halloween! In one scene, the turkey murders a man, who is making sweet doggie-styled love to his partner.

After a quick axe to the back of his head, the turkey then quickly takes his position and begins to have his way with her, only to shout “You’ve been stuffed!!!!”  Their  are countless hysterical lines by turkey and stupid college kid a like in this flick and needless to say i was pleasantly surprised. Next time you think about that bird your mom’s been baking for hours on end, think about the decades of turkey genocide that humans have committed for tradition and what it would be like if you were on the receiving end; getting stuffed!