The War Game (1965)

There is one thing that i constantly find myself reading about. It’s something that i am just as interested in as i am afraid of it, but for some reason find it completely fascinating. That thing is … Thermonuclear War. I came across this film randomly a few months back and was flabbergasted at its accuracy and realism. “The War Game” is a black and white documentary style film created in 1965 by Peter Watkins. This film was censored by the BBC for 20 years and wasn’t released until 1985 because of the potential it had for causing mass hysteria. At first glance and before researching this film i thought it was a true to life documentary. I couldn’t for the life of me understand how i had not heard about the events that were unfolding in the film. Luckily for myself, and the people of England, its pure fiction. The films shockingly realistic portrayal of a nuclear missile attack on Britain, from Russia, morbidly shows the physical effects of radiation and the post nuclear infrastructure collapse of society. Disturbing shots of civilians with radiation sickness (due to winds carrying nuclear fallout), psychological effects, flashing light blindness, scorched bodies, and police brutality, paint the beginning of a post apocalyptic future. At times the realism is difficult to watch. The film makes an important statement about children of war with a chilling question; When you get older, what do you want to be? The hollow, shattered children’s only response  “when i grow up…..i don’t want to be nothing”. This film asks the question, “Would the survivors envy the dead?” I think some would, but i believe it is innate to all living things, wether it be animals or plants, to survive. Do we want this for our world? I sincerely hope not. I would highly recommenced this film to anyone interested in the topic or to anyone in need of a wake up call.

My Personal Screen Print Collection

The past year has been a fun year of art work collecting. My friend and i even made a stop at Spoke Arts: Quentin VS Coen show in NYC a few months back. We drank White Russian’s and spent the night laughing and dropping lines from our favorite films.  Here’s a few snapshots of my own personal collection of screen printed and glossy posters!

2011: A year of great screen printing

2011 has been a big year for screen printing everywhere, and the guys at Mondo have been at the fore front of great quality artwork for years. Here’s a taste of some of my favorite screen printed movie posters that they’ve put out this past year!


Seeing as this past Thursday was Thanksgiving, i thought i would ring in some of the holiday cheer with a bit of blood and gore. This particular film has been sitting in my instant que for about a year, but only because of how ridiculous the movie sounds. The movie is called “Thankskilling” and is about a foul mouthed, homicidal turkey, who comes back from the dead every thanksgiving to murder “white people” for taking American soil from the Native Americans, and for slaughtering his kind. The movie follows 4-5 stereotypical college kids, who get caught up in the turkeys murderous rampage, while on their break from classes. His best weapon of choice is a musket styled shotgun, which is only funny because of its irony. Why wouldn’t a killer turkey use a shotgun as his weapon of choice?  This vengeful bird, sports a wily temper as well as some of the funniest one liners i’ve ever heard in a low budget film. Which by the way, only cost 3.5k to create. This movie is pretty bad in many ways, the jokes are terrible, the characters are cliche, the plot doesn’t really make sense, and the acting is atrocious. Does that mean that this is not an enjoyable movie? Not in the slightest! This movie actually holds it’s own as a holiday cult classic and i mean, how many horror movies are out there about thanksgiving? Theirs like a billion about Christmas and Halloween! In one scene, the turkey murders a man, who is making sweet doggie-styled love to his partner.

After a quick axe to the back of his head, the turkey then quickly takes his position and begins to have his way with her, only to shout “You’ve been stuffed!!!!”  Their  are countless hysterical lines by turkey and stupid college kid a like in this flick and needless to say i was pleasantly surprised. Next time you think about that bird your mom’s been baking for hours on end, think about the decades of turkey genocide that humans have committed for tradition and what it would be like if you were on the receiving end; getting stuffed!

Spinal Tap

This is a great video i recently came across on a friends facebook page, any fans of This is Spinal Tap will get a kick out of this. The video below is one of my favorite scenes from the movie , animated with lego’s. TIST is a classic “Rockyoumentary” which follows around the rise and fall of 80’s metal band Spinal Tap.  Its a hilarious movie with tons of rock cliches that will leave you in tears, and enough leather and big hair to make you regret every photo taken of you in your 20’s. if you love sex, drugs and/or rock and roll or just feel like getting your face melted off then definitely check out “This is Spinal Tap”!