What if Mad Max Fury Road Were a Retro Game?

The Mad Max franchise is the pinnacle of post-apocalyptic science fiction and paved the way for countless other films and fiction that followed. With all the buzz around Mad Max Fury Road, and my excitement at an all-time high, I decided to take a retro art styled approach to some pixelated fan art for the film. Using the Retrospecs iphone app, you can create photos that would appear as though they were from consoles of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s (commodore 64, BBC micro, IBM EGA, SNES, Gameboy, Sega master System etc.). The images use different combinations of systems, dithers, and filters to give them a nostalgic look and feel. Check out the images below and see what Mad Max Fury Road might look like if it were a retro game!

Mondo: Best Posters of 2012

It has been another amazing year in the world of screen printed cult movie art work. One of the best sites out there is, they work with tons of artists across the globe and have created a collective dedicated to putting artistic spins on your favorite movie posters. They put together art galleries and also do a lot with the Alamo draft house which has many screenings for fans of 80’s horror and sci-fi cult flms. This is an extensive collection of all my favorite screen prints from this past 2012 year! enjoy!

New: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Posters

Everyone is waiting patiently for the upcoming Christopher Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight rises. The third installment of this modern batman epic is looking to be pretty interesting and is hopefully just as psychologically stunning as the last two films. An all star cast (Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Anne Hathaway) and a dark, noir styled Gotham will hopefully satisfy fans of classic batman comic books as well as new comers to the character. These promotional posters were just released earlier in the week and look fantastic. Enjoy!









Robocop Screen Prints

It’s 3am and i find myself wired on a Saturday night channel surfing only to come across one of favorite childhood blood-fests: Robocop. This movie was one that my parents never wanted me to watch, especially because of many explicitly violent gun battles. It’s funny, in the 80’s did everyone think that Detroit and Seattle would become the most crime infested, dangerous places on earth, where the criminal underbelly ran wild and plotted to destroy the established order? Apparently. Robocop was a movie with a great blend of character development, bad ass action, and hardcore violence. It was every 15 yr old’s dream come true. A lot of artists have posted Robocop screen printed posters, so here they are for your viewing pleasure:

robocop screenprint cult violence action

robocop screenprint cult violence action

robocop screenprint cult violence action

robocop screenprint cult violence action

robocop screenprint cult violence action

robocop screenprint cult violence action

oh yea and here’s the most violent scene in the movie: 

your gonna be a bad mother fucker!

Total Recall 2012 HD Trailer

total recall 2012 poster august release date summer colin ferell

We all loved the 1990 science fiction classic “Total Recall”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger but will the remake be as good?

Philip K Dicks science fiction novel has become a must read for fans of the genre and the movie that came out of it was excellent as well. The film story line follows Douglas Quaid, a man haunted by dreams of a trip to Mars, he investigates his dreams by taking a trip via “Rekall inc”, a company specializing in the implantation and construction of false of memories. Something goes horribly wrong in the process and he is thrown into another life where he is an secret agent, who’s only mission is to take down a tyrannical Martian dictator. The entire movie leaves you questioning reality and if all of Quaid’s exploits are just fantasy.

The new trailer looks promising, with Colin Ferrell playing the role of Quaid, this remake seems to update the classic with a contemporary style, featuring excellent CGI filled futuristic cities, great costume design, and a ton of action. These are exactly what we would hope to expect from a remake of Total Recall, so i am expecting this movie to be a win for sci fi fans!

Check out the 2012 HD trailer here!

Ron Burgandy Announces Sequal to Anchorman on Conan Show

Two nights ago a very random appearance by Ron Burgandy on the Conan show came along with some very interesting news: That their will in fact be a sequel to the 2004 comedy Anchorman starring Will Ferrell. Fans all over may be crossed on this decision, seeing as the movie came out almost 10 yrs ago and in all honesty, can you really make a sequel or top the original? Only time will tell! Check out the video here!

anchorman ron burgany action 4 new team 2004 comedies

Post Apocalyptic Chevy Commercial?

The War Game (1965)

There is one thing that i constantly find myself reading about. It’s something that i am just as interested in as i am afraid of it, but for some reason find it completely fascinating. That thing is … Thermonuclear War. I came across this film randomly a few months back and was flabbergasted at its accuracy and realism. “The War Game” is a black and white documentary style film created in 1965 by Peter Watkins. This film was censored by the BBC for 20 years and wasn’t released until 1985 because of the potential it had for causing mass hysteria. At first glance and before researching this film i thought it was a true to life documentary. I couldn’t for the life of me understand how i had not heard about the events that were unfolding in the film. Luckily for myself, and the people of England, its pure fiction. The films shockingly realistic portrayal of a nuclear missile attack on Britain, from Russia, morbidly shows the physical effects of radiation and the post nuclear infrastructure collapse of society. Disturbing shots of civilians with radiation sickness (due to winds carrying nuclear fallout), psychological effects, flashing light blindness, scorched bodies, and police brutality, paint the beginning of a post apocalyptic future. At times the realism is difficult to watch. The film makes an important statement about children of war with a chilling question; When you get older, what do you want to be? The hollow, shattered children’s only response  “when i grow up…..i don’t want to be nothing”. This film asks the question, “Would the survivors envy the dead?” I think some would, but i believe it is innate to all living things, wether it be animals or plants, to survive. Do we want this for our world? I sincerely hope not. I would highly recommenced this film to anyone interested in the topic or to anyone in need of a wake up call.

My Personal Screen Print Collection

The past year has been a fun year of art work collecting. My friend and i even made a stop at Spoke Arts: Quentin VS Coen show in NYC a few months back. We drank White Russian’s and spent the night laughing and dropping lines from our favorite films.  Here’s a few snapshots of my own personal collection of screen printed and glossy posters!