True Detective gets a Josh Budich Screen Print

The conclusion to HBO’s True Detective left us with our jaws dropped. No one expected a show like this to rise from the earth but we were thankful that it did. Right before the season’s end, Spoke Art released an amazing limited edition screen printed poster by artist Josh Budich. This amazing piece titled “Time is a flat circle”, is drawn and colored in true Josh Budich fashion. Like much of his past work, his choice of color and incredible attention to detail really capture the tone of that we have all grown to love about True Detective. The piece is a limited edition 18×24 4-color screen print on french lemon drop paper and was available until March 7th through Spoke Art, but will likely be available on Ebay and other similar marketplaces. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one and will likely post photos of the poster in the near future. Any fan of the show would kill for this piece of collectible artwork for their apartment and i foresee the value of this piece rising over the next few months.

Check out Spoke Art for more artwork by Josh Budich –


Mondo: Best Posters of 2013

Mondo has always been at the forefront of cult movie artwork and this years screen print’s did not disappoint. In 2013 we have seen some incredible stuff from emerging artists and veterans alike – Kilian Eng, Kevin Tong, Randy Ortiz, Drew Struzan, and Jay Shaw to name a few. If you know anything about Mondo’s releases, you know they are extremely hard to get a hold of. Following them on Twitter is definitely the best way to get your hands on any of these great pieces. Randomly, they’ll tweet out that a poster will be on sale soon. Then, at an undisclosed time, they will tweet that the poster is available for purchase. At that point, everyone and their mother rushes to the website to order them as fast as possible. I have never actually been able to get my hands on one, but i will never stop trying!

Until then, here’s what i believe to the best posters Mondo has released in 2013.

Happy New Year! – 2012 in review

I would like to thank everyone for making this a great year! lots more fun posts in the near future! See you guys in 2013!  please check out my new full time blog with good friend Eric Remly –

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600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

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Mondo: Best Posters of 2012

It has been another amazing year in the world of screen printed cult movie art work. One of the best sites out there is, they work with tons of artists across the globe and have created a collective dedicated to putting artistic spins on your favorite movie posters. They put together art galleries and also do a lot with the Alamo draft house which has many screenings for fans of 80’s horror and sci-fi cult flms. This is an extensive collection of all my favorite screen prints from this past 2012 year! enjoy!

Deus Ex Human Revolution Director Finalized: Scott Derrickson


After the release and popular reception of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, many of us said to ourselves “So when’s the movie coming out?” This question might actually be answered! Word has it that director Scott Derrickson who is responsible for such films as (Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose) will be directing the screen adaptation of  the Square Enix game – Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He will be writing the script alongside C. Robert Cargill which should be an interesting team as they worked on Sinister together. The film will hopefully focus on the moral and ethical argument of Trans-humanism, which encourages mechanical augmentation of the human body to transcend human physical and mental limitations.  This debate is the largest part of Deus Ex: HR and opens the player’s mind to the (very possible) reality of this societal situation.

Those of the pro – trans-humanism debates tend to believe that through advanced technology human beings will not have to suffer the perils of the human condition (sickness, death, limb loss, memory loss, organ failure), that with technology we can become immortal and limitless. The opposing trans-humanism debate tends to  believe that use of this advanced technology will bring a greater social strata of super powerful humans who can enslave those without augments. These people also tend to believe that human beings have not yet reached their full potential in our current physical form and that the human body is pure and is not be to tampered with. Deus Ex shows us how corporations will inevitably exploit this technology, making it readily available to anyone and inserting it into our culture, where it will alienate the masses and make many feel socially inept without it.

DE:HR introduces us to Adam Jensen, an ex swat team member, now working as head of security for Detroit’s largest bio-tech company, Sarif Industries. Sarif Industries facility is attacked by terrorists, who destroy most of their research and development while killing most of their employees. Adam is shot in the head and on the verge of death. To save his life, David Sarif forces him to undergoes surgeries with revolutionary cybernetic augmentations, (which make him a crazy cyborg bad ass). Upon his return after the attack, he finds himself immersed in the politics of the augmentation movement and a much larger conspiracy. Adam then begins his journey for truth, to hunt down his attackers and bring them to justice. As the game progresses, you find out a lot more about the importance of Adam Jensen and how he is a pawn in a much larger chess game then he could have ever imagined.

As far as the movie goes, i couldn’t be more excited but i hope that they retain the dark, noir-ish overtones (blade runner), and overarching message the game sends, instead of just making it a blockbuster ACTION MOVIE with no depth. Deus Ex is first person RPG at heart, where the story is the foundation of a chaotic and strategic shooter. I don’t usually expect too much from video game movies but this one could actually translate very well on-screen. Cyber-punk fans rejoice!

Check out this purity first anti-augmentation advertisement:


Alex Sanchez to Release Mad Max Web Comic

This years NY Comic Con was a blast and I was fortunate enough to run into Ironhed comic artist Alex Sanchez. Set up at his artist alley table was a ton of his brilliant art work for purchase. Sanchez is known for his work on comics like  Tales of the Vampires, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Fleshdigger, and Batman: Jokers Asylum. His artwork is uncanny and he’s done tons of work for DC, Marvel, Top Cow, IDW, and Dark Horse. Sanchez has been working on an up and coming Mad Max  web comic which should be dropping sometime soon. Being a huge Mad Max/Road Warrior fan, this could not be more exciting! I’m a huge sucker for post apocalyptic fiction and can’t wait till this comes out. Here’s a few images from Alex’s collection!

Comic Review: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

do androids dream of electric sheep header philip k dick science fiction

Science fiction is constantly pushing the limits of our imagination, forcing us to question the paths in which human progress and ingenuity will take us. However, very rarely in history do many works reach levels of such philosophical, social, and emotional depth  that they force us to look not only inside ourselves, but at our society as a whole, and to the core of what makes us human. Philip k Dick‘s work has always brought these things to light, pushing fans to think outside the box and really see the truth through the smoke and mirrors.

Synopsis (spoiler alert):

I recently picked up BOOM studios release of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, which is a verbatim translation of the book but in graphic novel form. Tony Parker‘s dark renderings of Dicks dystopian-noir future, immerse the reader in a world where massive corporate structures reduce the average person to ants, and technological perseverance has outgrown whats left of a post “World War Terminus” planet Earth. Many people have left earth for off world colonies and as an incentive for emigrating, have been given an android companion. Those left on earth live in the remaining city filth, which often does not see sunlight due to toxic clouds that fill the skies almost all of the time. In this future people utilize machines called “mood organs” which allow them to punch in any kind of emotions they wish, for any number of feelings or situations they could be in. Many are reliant on these machines and have forgotten how to really feel, as the world has degraded around them, leaving little in the way of personal happiness.

mood organ do androids dream of electric sheep? philip k dick boom comics

Bounty hunter Rick Deckard awakes to an argument with his wife about her use of her mood organ because she frequently punches in negative emotions like sadness and depression. This has put a strain on their relationship and Rick protests against using the machine. He leaves to go up to his hover car parked roof where his neighbor and him discuss the value and status of owning a real life animal. Many animals are extinct due to the ash left by world war terminus; and since humans have grown a intense sentiment for their companionship. Rick fantasizes about owning a real life sheep some day and will stop at nothing to feel the attachment that comes with a living animal. He leaves for work and is surprised as to what he finds when he gets there.

Upon his arrival Rick Deckard finds that he is now responsible to retire 6 rogue “Nexus 6” androids, which have apparently escaped from an off world colony and have attempted to settle in San Francisco. Rick is to administer the Voight-Kampff test on them, which is a test involving a series of questions to determine empathy, a trait that androids lack. Rick is assigned the task of retiring the androids because his senior officer Dave Holden, was attacked while giving the Voight-Kampff to one and is in a hospital recuperating. Rick sees this hunt as a chance to get enough money to finally afford a living sheep, which he is constantly researching in his Sydney’s catalog. This begins Deckards 24 hr manhunt to find the androids and….himself. On his journey, Deckard finds that the androids have integrated themselves into many aspects of society already and that the nexus 6 is the closest thing to a human he has ever seen.  He eventually catches up with them and learns a lot more about himself then he ever had imagined.

blade runner do androids dream of electric sheep philip k dick city

Alongside the story of Deckard is that of J.R Isidore, who is a “special”, someone genetically damaged and unfit to leave earth and emigrate  to the off world colony. He lives alone in an abandoned apartment complex and is in constant use of his “Empathy Box”, which allows him to completely immerse himself in the pain and struggle of Wilber Mercer. Upon use of the Empathy box, ones mind is transported, along with thousands of other users, into the mind and body of Wilber Mercer. Mercer is an old man, constantly climbing a mountain and having rocks thrown at him. This is a very real experience for those using the empathy box and any pain inflicted by rocks is actually done to them in the real world. This shared mutual pain and struggle has created somewhat of a religious cult called Mercerism. Those who follow Mercer believe in his existence and the idea that no matter how bad things are, you are never alone and that their are others out there like you who feel the way you do. At the same time throughout the story their is an opposing television icon called Buster Friendly who is most likely an android, as his show runs for 23 hours a day and is only off for one hour. Buster Friendly is the force of anti-Mercerism but provides hours of entertainment for those willing to watch. He ends up exposing/debunking Mercerism on live television in a grand announcement which is televised worldwide. Isidore’s loneliess turns into a desperate friendship with android Pris, who uses J.R’s apartment as a hideout for her and the rest of her android comrades. The escaped androids believe that Mercerism is a hoax and discredit Isidore’s beliefs leaving him empty.


This book was also made into a Ridley Scott film titled “Blade Runner” in 1982, starring Harrison Ford, which received critical acclaim from fans of the book as well as general fans of science fiction. I personally think that the message the book attempts to convey, is not as directly portrayed in the film. The book really emphasizes Deckards aloneness, emptiness, and his questions on the morality of what it means to be human. Many other aspects involving the two major religious themes in the book (Buster Friendly and that of Mercerism) are lost in the movie. Many more things also happen in the book that develop these ideas more thoroughly, while also painting a deeper picture of Deckards inner turmoil, and the desperate cling to empathy to retain his humanity. Deckard questions if he is any different then the androids he is hunting.


One thing that i found interesting about Dicks character Buster friendly is the channel that one must dial in to view him: 888. In the bible the number of man is 5, the devil 6, and god 7. As i was reading this i wondered if this was Philip K Dicks way of telling us that television is the next religion. Television provides people with an escape from their everyday life by creating dramatic fantasies. It allows them to relate to something imaginary and be controlled and influenced by pixels of light. In a post apocalyptic future where everything has gone to hell, it is not hard to believe that humans would yearn for an escape as simple as this, and we see Buster Friendly’s influence in his discredit of Mercerism.

Overall, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is a masterful work and deserves every bit of credit that it gets. This story leaves the reader with many questions of their own and i believe that any writer that can make his audience question what makes them human, well they’ve done their job. If you haven’t read this book pick it up!

Thank you PKD.


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Indie Game: The Movie. Now on Netflix!


If your as much of a Netflix fanatic as i am, then you’ll be pleased to hear that they just put up “Indie Game: The movie” for instant stream. Indie Game: The Movie takes you on a journey into the minds of the creators of BraidSuper Meat Boy, and Fez. These developers have put their blood, sweat, and countless hours of mind numbing programming into these spectacular releases. The documentary shows us the pressure independent developers are under to create and test their games for their big commercial release (many of which have been in development for many years). These games bring us back to the challenges we loved about old school platform gaming but with a new, deeper, much more intellectual spin. The long hours and hard work have clearly paid off as all three of these games won countless awards and raked in thousands upon thousands of fans.

Check out the trailer here:

Indie Game: The Movie

The Nobody: Comic Review


Vertigo is known for releasing some of the most compelling tales in mature storytelling. Stories that not only pull the reader into a new world, but often make them reflect on their own. No writer does this better than Canadian Jeff Lemire. Lemire is famous for his popular works: Essex CountyAnimal ManSweet Tooth, and the just recently released (and amazing), “The Underwater Welder“. These works have won him tons of awards for not only his unique storytelling abilities but artistic approach to his work and to the medium.

Lemire’s art style is uncanny, often his characters appear thin, are almost blank and at times almost emotionless or expressionless. Some even look broken, shattered, flawed or with a sense of desperation behind their eyes. It is in his panel to panel framing that he generates such true to life drama between characters. Lemire sketchy style deliver breathtaking emotion that can only come from a true talent.

Lemire’s 2009 graphic novel “The Nobody“, is a modern-day tale of the HG Wells story “The Invisible Man” but with a small town twist mixed with a fear of the unknown. The Nobody focus’ on mysterious and lonesome individual John Griffin, who suddenly appears in the fishing village of Large Mouth. He is bandaged from head to toe and stirs up quite the controversy among locals. Though he has a friendly and cordial demeanor, his appearance frightens them, leaving them only to question what caused his freakish appearance and why he has come to their small town. This questioning leads to paranoia, and even to unintelligent blind hysteria, putting this loner at the focal point of a very precarious situation.

Brief Summary

His connections with the townspeople are trivial and he spends much of his time alone, working in a hotel room attempting to find a cure for the disease which keeps his physical body invisible. Though accepted by them, he gradually fades away and the towns people begin to forget about him; all except for one girl who attempts to get close to him and uncover the mystery of John Griffin’s past. Along the way, pressure builds among the paranoid people of Large Mouth and finally boils over. As soon as Griffin gets comfortable he is greeted by a mysterious partner from his past and the plot unfolds. In time you find that there is a lot more to Griffin’s invisibility than just a scientific accident, and the result of his playing god is much more scarring and tragic then original HG Wells tale. Lemire does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat guessing till the very end.


One scene in which i found to be of particular importance involves an altercation with a dog. Griffin’s invisible hand becomes exposed, when he gets home he spends time re-bandaging it and finally says to himself “i see you”. It would seem as though Griffin’s sense of self has diminished since the accident. This conveys an interesting idea about how human beings perceive their sense of self. If one cannot see ones body, does one truly exist in physical reality? Does it only require a consciousness or independent thoughts to be alive? is Griffin a man or has he become a ghost left to haunt those left on earth?

The Nobody is a graphic novel classic which is certainly a personal favorite as well as a fan favorite. Fans of mature storytelling will love Lemire’s twist on the horror classic and the drama that unfolds. Lemire takes us on a journey to his own “Twilight Zone” where anything is possible.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jeff at NY Comic Con 2012, he was a really great, humble guy and couldn’t thank us enough for the continued support.

Check out Jeff Lemires blog here! –